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Hypnosis is the act of being fully engulfed in an alternate state where the real world slips away and your subconscious is totally at ease and open to suggestions. I like to describe it as the feeling people have when they're just about to fall asleep, but haven't yet, and are feeling snug and comfortable as though nothing in the world can disturb them. The purpose of hypnosis is to guide people into such a state of relaxation that their conscious mind is calm or occupied enough, that helpful suggestions can be offered and acceptec in the subconscious.

Most often phobias, worries, and irrational fears are the product of the subconscious mind going into overdrive to protect us from whatever irrational phenomenon it believes will happen. For some, it can be as simple as people avoiding a social situation out of fear they may blush or make a fool of themselves by forgetting a name, etc. For others, these fears can always be operating in 'fight or flight' mode, causing some to have severe anxiety reactions or even panic attacks at the mere thought of engaging in an activity they're seeking to avoid.

Hypnosis works great for ending internal battles that consume some people. Their logical mind knows there really is no chance of the illogical fear happening - but they just can't shake the feeling or the premonition of what may be to come in the future. Hypnosis will engage the logical mind long enough that the subconscious mind can be soothed - thereby re-assuring the mind that they're not in constant danger and the guard can be loosened - especially if the guard is so high that it's impacting a person's daily life.

If you feel hypnotherapy may be beneficial to you or someone you know - please feel free to contact me. In the past year - I've done hypnotherapy for such a wide variety of issues, it would be difficult to list them all - but here are some examples:

Panic Attacks
Fear of Driving
Fear of Bridges
Smoking Cessation
Nail Biting
Pushing People Away - Guarded Personalities
Feeling Safe
Fear of Elevators
Social Anxiety
Weight Loss - Overeating
Motivation for exercise, study habits, meeting deadlines
Sexual Difficulties
Gender/ Identity
Getting along with others
Letting go of the past
Chewing Tobacco Addiction
Picky Eaters

There are many others and if you don't see what you're looking for listed, feel free to send me an email through the Contact Me feature to see if hypnotherapy may be right for you. Also, please check out my Hypnosis Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

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